Solleveld & Toim is an illustration and graphic design studio creating meaningful and effective graphics for everyone.


Graphic design / illustration

For example posters, flyers, advertisements, banners. Online and offline. Together with you, we create designs that fit your wishes, but also pass our rules. This way we know you get the most effective design to promote your business.

Hire a designer

In case you already have your own design, but you need an extra graphic designer during a project (for example a festival or conference). We can lend you a hand so you can finish everything in time.

Examples of assets we can help you with: social media posts, posters, banners, floorplans, timetables, programbooks etc.


Have a look in our webshop where you can find our illustrated posters, t-shirts and sweatshirts.


We are a small design studio based in Estonia, with over 10 years of experience in the field of publicity, marketing and cultural sector. So why choose us?

We deliver fast

We like to keep speed in our work, so you can enjoy your design as fast as possible. That also requires participation of you as a client though. So in case of a good briefing and clear communication from both sides, we are able to deliver fast.

We make your message stand out

Often posters, flyers or advertisements contain so much information, that it hides the true message. We don’t like that. So we get down to the bottom of what you want to say to your audience and take off all unnecessary details so it can be readable. Even on a stamp.

We are transparent in communication

A good relationship with the client is important to us. Therefore we prefer to be clear in our communication: you get what you see. That way you as a client know what to expect from us and we can work as efficient as possible to get you the best the design.

Read a bit more about founder Ilse Solleveld on the Come To Finland website, where she is currently also a part of Come to Finland’s effort to create a renaissance for the almost forgotten genre of poster art.

Any questions or would you like to work together?

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