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About us

We are a graphic design studio in Estonia, consisting of Ilse Solleveld (NL) and Kerli Toim (EE). Specialized in designing (concert) posters and festival assets, we have over 15 years of experience in the field of publicity, marketing and cultural sector.

We founded our studio already in 2011 while living in the Netherlands, but at that time it was mainly a side project as we had other jobs. In 2018 however, we moved to Estonia and decided to change our studio name and also take the deep plunge and work full-time in our studio. Up till now we are still very happy we made this decision!

Read more about our work method below.

About us Solleveld & Toim

A little bit about our work method


Our goal is to have a clear communication with our clients. This means we will always let you know we received your e-mail, tell you what to expect from us and when you can expect to hear from us (back). It’s a working method which enables us to act fast and makes sure all parties know where we stand in the process.

Designs that pass our rules

While working on a project with you, we do make sure we make choices that benefit your design and keep your identity as strong as possible. So if we see something will break a design and therefore goes against our own graphic design rules, we will discuss this with you and suggest alternatives. This way we can come to a solution which helps your design, but will also fit your wish.


We like to work with package prices instead of an hour-price. We quote the whole project and will let you know the expected timeframe. For us it means both parties will know what to expect. Any extra work which is requested during a project, will however be charged and added to the intitial package price. Of course we will let you know when this will happen.

Organizations and festivals we currently work or have worked with

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